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US PCC/ Police clearance certificate from FBI, USA

I have applied for Permanent Residency in Canada/ Australia and I have been asked to provide US PCC. Why?
The need and importance of this police clearance certificate has been explained by the Canadian Immigration Authority in
The webpage enlists many questions relevant to the topic.

The most commonly asked question is why is the PCC Certificate needed?
It is important to understand that any country who would wish to grant permanent residency to an individual, would like to ascertain that the applicant has a record free background. Therefore, countries require the applicants to provide a Police clearance certificate.
If you have lived in the US or more than 180 days, then it is likely that you are asked to provide a PCC from US also known as FBI pcc or FBI Background check. This police clearance report contains information about the arrest data (if any).
Similarly, if you are applying for an Australian PR, then the police clearance report may be required if you have stayed in the US. In addition to the FBI Check, if you are applying for Australia PR, an applicant may also be required to provide a State Police Clearance. A State Police Clearance is issued by the Australian state where the applicant has resided during the stay in the US.

Can a US PCC or a background check may also be required if I have applied for Permanent Residency to a country other than Canada or Australia?
Yes, a police check is a mandatory requirement if you are wishing to migrate permanently. For more details you can refer to the website below:-

I am not the primary applicant in our application for Permanent Residency application. My spouse is the primary applicant. Would I still be required to produce the clearance certificate?

Yes. Any person who is a part of the application and is above the age of 18 years would be required to produce a US pcc certificate if they fulfil the stay requirement.

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PCC from Canada is a police clearance certificate report issued by RCMP, Canada and is generally required if you are applying for:

  • Canadian PR
  • Canadian Citizenship
  • Employment-Private Industry
  • Becoming licencee as RCIC agent
  • Immigration to US or any other country
  • Applying for Green Card
  • Any other purpose

If you have received a letter directing you to provide an RCMP police clearance certificate based on fingerprints and the request letter states the requirement of having the fingerprints taken electronically by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) or an accredited private fingerprint agency, all you need to do is send us an email at or call us at +91-9643014524. We will record your fingerprints, have your immigration file number and the address of the immigration office requesting your fingerprints noted on the fingerprint form and get all your documents submitted to the RCMP. Once the RCMP receives your fingerprints, they process your request and send the results directly to the office of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada. Alternatively you can receive the fingerprint results directly and forward them to the office of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship so that they can resume the processing  of your application.

If you have received a letter because your fingerprints are required to continue processing your application for Canadian Citizenship, we can help. We record your fingerprints and get them submitted to the RCMP. The RCMP would process your fingerprints and send the fingerprint results directly to the Immigration Office. These results can be requested by you at your address as well. After receiving the results, you can forward the results to the Canadian Immigration Office yourself.

We are located in India. Can my fingerprints be processed still recorded and


Get in touch with us in case you need to understand the whole process step by step. We provide complete end to end services for obtaining the required police check.

Looking for Fingerprint for US PCC also known as FBI background check? Why do I even need it? How long is it valid for? If these are the questions bothering you while you on set for your journey to Canada, Australia, US or any other country, we can help!

International Fingerprinting Services India has helped thousands of people to fulfils their dreams to immigrate to foreign countries making the process for obtaining police clearance certificate from FBI, USA very easy and hassle free. We at International Fingerprinting Services India offer one stop full service for obtaining Police Clearance from FBI, USA at an unbelievably low cost. Let us begin with first understanding what this FBI police clearance service is all about.

You need a background check from FBI, USA if you have lived in the United States for more than 6 months and are now planning to Immigrate, apply for PR or Citizenship, apply for student visa or get employment in countries like Canada, Australia, USA, Spain, Ireland or any other country. The country you intend to permanently move into needs a background check report to ascertain if any Criminal Record is registered against your name. This police clearance certificate is also known as Identity History Summary Check or a background check report and is valid for 6 months. An integral part of this application is submission of good quality and error free fingerprints. These fingerprints required by the police are to check the record of a person. An Ident letter is issued to those who have a record and the ones who have a clean record receive a Non-Ident letter.

We are an International Fingerprinting Agency and our professional experts guide and assist you to receive your record check from the FBI, USA while you are in India. Our experts are available throughout India including the states of Delhi, Gujarat, Chennai, Pune, Maharashtra, Hyderabad, Kerala, Punjab. We have successfully helped thousands of people in obtaining background check reports in a minimum time frame and at a very reasonable cost. At International fingerprinting Services India, we aim at delivery of excellent services and customer satisfaction.

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