ClickCease Police Clearance from Bahrain Certificate of Good Standing

Police clearance from Bahrain

Police clearance from Bahrain or Good Conduct Certificate is a document that certifies the existence or non-existence of a criminal record during your stay in Bahrain.

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We at IFSI are trained professionals to assist with Police clearance from Bahrain. We provide these services to Indian citizens who have lived, worked or travelled to Bahrain in the past and now require the Certificate of Good conduct. We assist in the complete process of Police Clearance from Bahrain including recording of your fingerprints on the format prescribed for Good Conduct Certificate from Bahrain. We are experts at recording your fingerprints, getting the fingerprint forms attested from the authorities and lodging your application with the Bahraini Police. We strive for delivery of timely results. At IFSI, we can assure you the best of our services for Police clearance from Bahrain within affordable and reasonable costs. For getting more information on our fingerprinting services, please check the link FAQ’s

Q. Why is Police clearance from Bahrain required?

If you have applied for visa, immigration, citizenship, permanent residency etc. in a foreign country, you may be asked to provide Bahraini police clearance if you have lived in Bahrain in the past.

Q. I am an Indian citizen. Will the Bahraini Police issue clearance to non-Bahraini citizens?

Yes. The Bahraini Police issues police clearance to Indian citizens.

Q. Is any documentary evidence/proof that the PCC from Bahrain issued by the Immigration Authorities required to apply for the clearance?

We can lodge your application without any documentary proof stating that the Immigration Authorities of the country who wish to immigration require the Police Clearance from Bahrain.

Q. Is fingerprinting a mandatory requirement for obtaining Good Conduct Certificate from Bahrain?

Yes. Your giving your fingerprints on a prescribed format is mandatory to apply for police clearance.

Q. Do you have the format on which the fingerprints are to be recorded?

Yes, you do not need to bring any forms with you. We have all the required forms available.

Q.  Do I need to pre-fill any application forms to obtain Police Clearance from Bahrain?

Yes, we will make the application form available and complete all the details. You just need to visit our office to check and sign the application forms.

Q. Will I have to provide some documents supporting my application to the Bahraini police? Can you provide a document checklist?

Yes. You will need to provide some documents supporting your stay in Bahrain. The document checklist can be mailed to you, at request.

Q. How many times I will need to visit your office to complete my application to Bahrain Police?

You will need to visit our office only once to get your fingerprints recorded, sign the application form and provide the documents. We will complete the application forms.

Q. Do I need to bring any self-addressed envelope with me?

No. You will  have to bring only the documents in the document checklist we mail you for Police clearance from Bahrain. If you are applying for Canadian PR, you can read the details at You can download the pdf from here:

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