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PCC Service

Fingerprints for NCLEX, Medical Licence, Fingerprints for PCC for Canada

PCC is a police clearance certificate certifying of existence or non-existence of the criminal record of an applicant. This PCC is generally a mandatory requirement if a person wishes to immigrate to another country. We at IFSI provide PCC Services from Bahrain, Hong Kong, Qatar, Australia, UK, Bahrain at a nominal cost.

PCC is issued in the form of a document issued by a country’s law enforcement agency or police department. This PCC is often required as part of the immigration process to demonstrate that an individual has no criminal record or any previous involvement in illegal activities.
The specific requirements for obtaining a PCC for immigration purposes can vary depending on the country you are immigrating to and your country of origin. Generally, the process involves submitting an application, providing necessary identification documents, and undergoing a background check conducted by the police or relevant authorities.
To obtain accurate and up-to-date information on the requirements and procedures for obtaining a PCC for immigration, you can call us at +91-9643014524 or drop a mail at . We will provide you with the specific guidelines and instructions you need to follow.
We offer full package services of obtaining PCC from Bahrain, PCC from Hongkong and PCC from Qatar. CNCC is another name for police clearance certificate.

  • Like other countries, if you wish to get PCC from Bahrain, there is a requirement of fingerprint recording on a standard prescribed format. The authorities issue Bahrain Police clearance only after fingerprint recording is proper, readable and is duly attested. Apart from the fingerprints, some other documents are to be submitted for issuance of Good Conduct Certificate from Bahrain.
  • Similarly, the Hongkong authorities issue PCC or CNCC only after the submission of fingerprints along with other required mandatory documents.
  • PCC from Qatar is also fingerprint-based and require fingerprints on a standard prescribed format duly attested by the required authorities.